6 Reasons to revamp your website

It is important to keep your website updated. If you have an outdated website or irrelevant information on your site people will lose interest in your site and your business. A website revamp is necessary every couple of years.

website revamp
  1. Your website is out of date and new functions is available, If you have a website designed more than 5 years ago it properly isn’t responsive to mobile phones or tablets. A responsive website will conform to a mobile screen, visitors will have a better user experience. Visitors going onto a website where they have to keep zooming in to read the information, would rather leave your site and look for another site, which is responsive or mobile friendly.
  2. You are not receiving any hits or visitors to your site Improve your SEO. This usually can be solved with some digital marketing. 1st thing to do is to make sure your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation or Google ranking) has been done on your site. Also, try some social media marketing for your site. 
  3. Your website has irrelevant content. If your website has old or irrelevant information on the site Google and other search engines will rank other websites higher. If this is true you need a website revamp.
  4. You are looking at a new target group. Your business mainly targeted men and your website design appeal to the male gender. But you’ve added a new product line for women. But you are not selling any of these products on your website. Change your website to be more appealing to your target market.
  5. User Experience is very important. The better experience people have on your site the longer they will stay on your site.
  6. Revamp your site because you want to! New is always better, they say. If you feel your site needs a facelift, that is a good enough of a reason. Keeping your website up to date means your business is up to date. 

When is the best time to revamp your website?

The best time to revamp your website is usually December when most people are on holiday and when your business is closed. But this does not count for online stores selling Christmas gifts, as well as restaurants and tourism businesses because this is their busy season. Best will be to identify when the business takes a dip throughout the year. Also if necessary we can revamp a site over a weekend.

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