Do you know what your website stats mean?

Most businesses have a website but never look at their stats to see if their website is working for them. I come across a lot of people who simply don’t want a website. This is shocking to hear because in today’s digital age you cannot afford not being online or on some form of digital platform.

The reasons why some of these businesses do not want a website are: they only had a website designed and SEO (Google ranking & Keywords) was never done. Thus they received very little traffic, the website was never marketed on other marketing platforms like Social Media, Print Media(flyers, business card, or publications like The MCCI Business Guide, etc.), Goolge Maps, Other Websites. This also has a great effect on website traffic.

This is article to help to understand the basics of your website stats, as well as information to improve your site to get more traffic.

How do I understand my website stats?

Here a a few key things you have to look at in your website stats

Stats Summary

website stats Website Summary

This is my website stats for Jan 2018. As you can see it is very low. But what does all of this mean? Unique Visitors are the number of people (or rather IP addresses) who visited your site at least once. Number of Visits, is the number of total visits to your site, this includes the people that visited the site more than once. Pages are the number of pages that were viewed by the visitors. Hits actually refer to the number of files downloaded on your site, this could include photos, graphics, etc. Picture the average web page, it has photos (each photo is a file and hence a hit) and lots of buttons (each button is a file and hence a hit). On average, each page will include 15 hits. Bandwith is the amount of data used to view your site.

Monthly History

Your Monthly History is a great indicator to see if your website traffic is picking up or going down.

The growth on from July to December will be explained later in the article.

Visitors Duration

Ideally, you would like to have your visitors stay on your site for as long as possible. If visitors leave your site within the first 30 seconds of viewing your site they contribute to your Bounce rate ( Bounce rate is an Internet marketing term used in web traffic analysis. It represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave rather than continuing to view other pages within the same site. Wikipedia ) This can negatively affect your Google Ranking.

Useful Tips:

  1. Make sure your website look & feel is up to date with modern trends. If your website looks old people will think the information you are providing is old.
  2. Have a video play automatically when someone opens your website. This will keep them longer on the site

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Connect to site from . . . Stats Jan 2019

This shows where are visitors coming from. Direct Address is visitors typing in your web address in the address bar. Links from Search engines, this shows you how many visitors came to your site via Google, Bing or other search engines.

Links from external pages are other websites listing your website or showing a link to your website. This will also include visitors from social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter.

How to improve your website traffic.

Here is 5 tips to help you improve traffic to your website, I will show the effect each one of these tips have on a website.

1. Mass emails

Everybody hates those spam emails. I’m not saying you should spam everybody you know, but send out relevant information from your website. If you send out information instead of pesky BUY THIS emails you will have a greater click-through rate to your website. Ensure the email you send out is short and to the point, with links to your website, which potential visitors can follow.

Daily Visitors to

This is a daily visitor report from my website. I send out marketing mass emails on the 13th, 20th and 29th. As you can see there are clear spikes on those days with a roll over effect to the next day. Except for the 29th, but this can be explained. The 29th is close to month end and lots of people don’t pay attention to marketing emails in this time. The best will be to send out emails at the beginning and middle of the month.

2. Socail media
Stats Jan 2019
Stats Feb 2019 To date
Facebook post Linked to

Social media can improve your website traffic quite a bit. If you look at the amount of visitors received from Facebook in January its about 210 visitors. In February a post went viral that linked to the website, and the website received over 2900 visitors. That is over a 1000% increase from the previous month. This is also the exception, not the rule. Not all your post on social media will go viral, but if you post regularly your traffic will increase as well as your social media presence. You can boost your post to get better reach and traffic, but that has costs depending on the social media site.

3. Print Media

WHAT!!! Print media? Yes, I’m serious, print media isn’t dead. Just use it effectively! Don’t just think of newspapers and magazines when someone mentions use print media. Also, think of your business cards, invoices, flyers and any other printable pieces of paper you give to your customers. Make sure your website address is printed on it. This way if clients need more information from you they can easily find it on your website.

Google Map Listing

marketing mpumalanga
google marketing middelburg

Get your business on Google Maps this helps your people find your business location, as well as your website. This works great for local searches like: “Marketing Middelburg”. You will see an increase in website traffic from Google. You can view your Google Map listing’s stats at . This also give you helpful keywords we can build into your website.

Visual Marketing

When I talk about visual marketing, these are your sign boards, branded vehicles, product packaging, banners, even t-shirts your employees wear. Have your website clearly printed on all these items.

Useful tip: When choosing your website name, try to keep it as short as possible, it is easier to market and to remember. One of my clients has a long name “Mpumalanga Velddienste & Omheinings”, but their website is Another example of a good short website name is Which is easy to market.

Search Engine Optimizing (SEO or Keywords)

When we design your website we make sure each page has a keyword, but having a keyword is not enough. The page must have keywords or keyphrase attached to a proper article or description of at least 300 words. Why? Because Google likes to read. Remember it is Google job to give the searcher the ost relevant information to the searched topic.

Let’s say you have a plumbing business ABC Plumbing, but you only have a bullet point list on your website of your services and your competition, XYZ Plumbing has detail description of each service on its own page on their website, where the keyword is also connected to images. Google will likely rank XYZ Plumbing higher than ABC Plumbing.

There are many more factors to take into account but these are the basics and this is a good start when you want a new website or to revamp your current site to improve your website stats.

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