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for South Africa

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Our aim is to provide a platform to schools, colleges, training centers, and businesses to transfer their knowledge to students or employees.

E-Learning Websites

Why Choose Us?

Setup and Design

We assist you all the way in setting up your website and courses. By giving guidance and technical support.

E-learning is our passion

We strive to bring education to masses

Our Design Process

We implement a 5 phase design process to get your courses online.

Maintenance and Management

An E-learning needs management and maintenance to update or change the courses


If Selling your courses is the aim of your eLearning website, we can market the site on different platfroms.

Setup And Design

Basic website design and setting up payment gateways.

Course Layout

How must your courses be designed out for elearining,


Video or voice recording for you eLearning

Edit and testing

Courses loaded on to the website for testing

Marketing And Sales

Once everything is completed, we will assist you with promoting your courses

Available Features

Keep Studying, Be Successful


Sell your courses either for a once-off fee or have a monthly subscription.

Questionnaires & Assessment

You can add quizzes throughout the courses to assess the student knowledge learned.


Specify which course(s) a student must complete before enrolling in a particular course.

Email System

Send out automated and customized emails on various triggered events.


Generate verifiable certificates that the students get after their course completion.


Generate in-depth statistics of courses, sales, students, and more on your eLearning site



1 -2 Courses
R 9999 Once Off
  • eLearning System
  • Hosting & Management
    R 1500pm
  • Marketing starting @
    R 1500pm
  • 2 courses Set up
  • Training
  • Course Video recording not included


3 - 5 Courses
R 15999 Once Off
  • eLearning System
  • Hosting & Management
    R 2000pm
  • Marketing starting @
    R 1500pm
  • 5 courses Set up
  • Training
  • Course Video recording not included
Best Value


Unlimted Courses
R 29999 Once Off
  • eLearning System
  • Hosting & Management
    R 3000pm
  • Marketing starting @
    R 2500pm
  • Unlimited courses
  • Training
  • Course Video recording not included

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