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How does print on demamd work

Expand your printing service

A print on demand website will enable you and your customers to design and customize any kind of product. Limited only by your imagination it gives you absolute freedom in deciding which products and which parts of the product can be customized. 

Your customer can directly order their design on your product from the website.

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Features of the Website

The functions, features and user interface of your print on demand website will allow you to create templates for the product you sell.

Layer system

A flexible system that lets customers control the layers of their design. It allows them to keep track of all the text, images, and graphics that they apply to the product.

Individual Product Views & Upload Zones

As an example customers can customize the sides and spots of a product by choosing their own design. This feature allows customers to select the front and back of a t-shirt or other garment.

Design System

Customers can also select a pre-defined range of colours to apply to individual layers. There are also options to link different text and image layers to create a uniform colour. You can modify the font library or the text element itself. Texts, graphics and images can be turned into various configurations with various options.

Adaptive Pricing System

You can set a price for each item and layer, and it can vary depending on the material, size of the text and graphics.

Why start
print on demand?

Increase your product range and adapt to an ever-changing environment with minimal disruption. Using our visual product configurator, your customers can create a totally unique, bespoke designed product within a matter of minutes.



Print on Demand Store

Your Customers submit their own designs
R 15999 Once Off
  • Custom Product System
  • Hosting & Basic Management
  • Marketing starting @
    R 2500pm (Optional)
  • Online Store Setup
  • Training
Best Value

Print On Demand Vender Store

Have designers and artists sell their designs on your site
R 21999 Once Off
  • Custom Product System
  • Vendor Store Setup
  • Hosting & Basic Management
    R 500pm
  • Marketing starting @
    R 2500pm (optional)
  • Onlibe Store Setup
  • Training

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