Tell your Story with Digital Marketing

Tell your Story with Digital Marketing. These days it is not that difficult to market you small business. But traditional adverts aren’t that effective any more. Everyday we get bombarded with specials and “BUY THIS” adverts, and what to we do with adverts like this. WE IGNORE IT!!! or at least most of the time. A new why to promote your business is with story telling.

And now you are asking but how do I start telling my story. Here are a couple of marketing tools to start using.

First things first. How do people find you and your story? Google, of course!!!

google map lisitng

Google Maps is a great way for people to find information on your business. Make sure your are ranked on top of Google Maps for you business type. This start sending people to your website. Make it as easy a possible for your potential clients to find your business. Also, if you have website, monitor your website stats to see if people are visiting your website. If your website has the correct keywords attached to it, people will find it when they search for your product or service.

2. Does your Website Tell Your Story?

A website must sell your business, it must convince the potential client to buy. Now how do you do that with story telling. You can use your website to tell stories of happy clients buying your products. The difference your service have made in their lives. Have clients give testimonials for your site. Also, tell your own story. Why are you in business? Why do you do what you do?

For me it is I enjoy marketing and I enjoy to see business grow as a result of my services. I had a client, ALFA FIRE. They had a website, and they had a google listing but they weren’t ranked on the first page of google. And their Google Map Listing was listed under the wrong services. So whenever “fire extinguishers” were searched, they did not come up. And since we redesigned their website and fixed their Google Map listing. They now get regular calls for new business, and searches that reached them went from 0 to a avg. of 360 per month.

3. Videos, Videos, Videos is the way to go!!!

Video Marketing can greatly increase your exposure to your business. People are lazy, people don’t want to read they would rather watch a video on the topic. Types of videos to tell your story with digital marketing.

  • Business intro video, this is a brief video overview of your business. Tell the story of how your business started and why you love what you do. DO NOT try to make a advert.
  • Do a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) video. Answer the questions you get on a day to day basis form your clients. This will explain to your clients how you call assist with a problem or even when you don’t offer a specific service.
  • How to videos. Show people how to use your product. Now if you are a Mechanic your can’t really show how to fix a car, but do a how to video on how to check you oil. Videos give you a lot of credibility.
  • Testimonials Videos – Create a video with one of your happy clients. Have them explain why do they support your business.

4. Have social media profiles

Social media is perhaps the easiest way to tell your story with digital marketing. With so many different platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. All you have to do is pick your audience. Use more video on social media, video is taking over the internet. We had better results with video on social media, than with photos, images and text. Kept doing social media marketing it is a constant process. Kept sharing new stories about your business and the changes you make in your clients’ lifes.

5. What Stories to Tell?

Tell your success stories, tell stories about people you have helped. This will prove to your potential clients you can be trusted. Make your client the main character in your story. Show people how you can solve their problems or fulfil their needs.


Marketing is changing let us help you tell your story. For a lot of people price is not the issue anymore. They want that peace of mind that they spend their money wisely. Your story must convince them of this. So, Tell your Story with Digital Marketing

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