WHAT? You don’t believe in marketing!!!
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WHAT? You don’t believe in marketing!!!

Whenever someone tells me this I’m shocked. And I have been in marketing and selling adverts for years. You won’t believe how many business owners have this response. No business in today’s digital age can survive without some form of marketing.

Something I like to tell people like this is: “But you are already doing some form of marketing even though you don’t realise it”

Every business has some form of marketing, even if it is business cards, a signboard outside or just word of mouth. And this might work for your business but there are many others ways to promote and market your business. Here are 10 marketing techniques and tips. 5 traditional marketing tips and 5 Digital Marketing tips.

Some Traditional Marketing tips.

  1.  Always have your staff looking professional and neat and acting friendly towards everyone, especially if they are wearing your uniform. They usually have the first contact with your customers, the impression they create will determine if they buy from you or if you will get return business form them. Make sure even your technical staff is also neat &  friendly, remember they are also representatives of your business, not just your sale teams.
  2. Get some professional business cards, this is still one of the easier ways to share your business information. Don’t be scared of handing out your card, every card you hand out can mean business for you. Furthermore, invest in professionally designed and printed cards. It will be worth it. Remember it is your business be proud of it. Cheap cards might make you and your business look cheap.
  3. Flyers of course, but you will tell me: “I have a website or facebook page people can see my products and services there”.  Yes, that is good, but how do you tell people to get to your business website or social media page. Remember people do not necessarily look for your business. They are looking for a product or services they need or want. So use flyers to get people interested in your business.
  4. Join a networking or business organisation. Organizations like a Chamber of Commerce or a BNI chapter are where you can meet like-minded business people. I’m involved in the Middelburg Chamber of Commerce & Industry, as well as the local BNI Chapter – BNI Fireworks. Visit their pages to found out more. It is also a great way to get other people promoting and referring your business.
  5. Make sure your shopfront is visible and recognisable. If you have no signs or branding at your store or office, how will people know, what type of business is here? Do not put too much information on your signs, your business name or logo, basic services, and contact details is all that is needed. Not a history and full description of everything you do. Keep it simple!

Here is some Digital Marketing tips.

6.  Make sure you are listed on Google maps. You will get a lot of potential customers from your Google map listing. And know what your customers are searching for on the search engine. If you google: “marketing Middelburg” guess what business show at the top of Google maps. Make it easy for potential customers to find your business.

7. Use Social Media. It is a powerful tool you can use to promote your business. According to Qwerty Digital’s digital statistics report in South Africa:

“With over 15 million users in South Africa alone, it’s clear that
Social Media offers our population many benefits. Whether it
be entertainment, news, education, customer service, or even
networking, Social Media is readily used at least once a day by
over 40% of South African’s, predominantly through mobile

Also, the most used social media platform is Facebook, with 49% of the population are using Facebook. With all these people on Facebook can you afford not to have a Facebook page.

8. A website is also a great way to market your business to people who are researching your product or service. Have relevant information on your website explaining your business. Also, remember having a website won’t instantly bring new business to you. You have to promote your website through social media and print media. It is the same as trying to get someone in your store, you must convince them your website is worth looking at. The best way is to make sure you have done your SEO (Search engine optimisation) on your website. This is when you connect the correct keywords or phrases to the information on your site, ensuring search engines like Google picks up your site. Also read: 5 Ways to start improving your SEO (Google Ranking)

9. Mailing lists. I started my email lists a couple of months back, and it has more than doubled the number of visitors to my website. Don’t spam people with adverts, but send out relevant information that will lure them to your site. Like this article if you are reading this you probably received a mail from my website.

10. Business Directories and links to your site. A way you generate more traffic to your site is get your business listed on digital directories or to have your clients or suppliers website have referral links to your website. And you can do the same by referring your clients’ websites on your site, this will give you more credibility with potential clients. Also, this is also a way of improving your SEO.

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions contact us for a free 1-hour marketing consultation. We can help you with any of the marketing tips above.