When to revamp your website?

Most business doesn’t want downtime on their website, in case they might lose possible clients. The time to revamp you website depends on the type of your business. In this article I will show you a few examples of when might be the right time for you to revamp.

We can use Google Trends to determine when your industry takes a dip in search volume. For most business this is in December, when companies close for the Christmas holiday.

Here is an example of the keywords “real estate” and “cars for sale”

Google trends
Google Trends

As you can see the graph gives us a overview of the last year search pattern for these keywords. It has a notable decline in December 2018. One of the reasons this happens is almost everyone is on holiday. You can use this to analyse you own business to determine when is the best time to revamp.

Business like electricians, plumbers, engineering business, builders or most contractor business can revamp their sites over December, So when everyone is back form their holiday your site is ready to greet the new year and new clients.

Thus December is a great time to revamp you website, unless this is the time you get the most business in the year.

The same is not true for all businesses, here is keywords applicable to the tourism industry and retail industry.

when to revamp your website

Now in these cases you site must be live and active for these keywords, to capabilities on these potential customers.

For tourism businesses i will suggest a revamp in the middle of the year, and for retail businesses in January when sales are slow anyway.

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