Why we do have websites?

Why we do have websites?

Sure we are web designers, digital marketers and graphic designers. But, we create amazing looking websites for business to help you grow your business. This is what we aim for at RageFire Marketing. But why do you need a website?

Your website might look great, but does it work for your Business?
What is your goal with your website? Does it have enough traffic? Is it generating leads? Are you connecting with your clients? These questions are important to ask when designing a new website or revamping your website.

What is the aim or the goal of a website?

Sharing business, product and service information

For many businesses, a website is a way to share information about their business and their various products and services. You might need a basic website where potential clients can view your products, read up on the specifications or compare products. Thus, you use your website as a way to convince your clients to buy your products or service.

But, how do you get people to your website? With SEO (Google Keyword ranking), Social media, Traditional Marketing, etc. You still have to promote your website. If people can’t find your site, remind them you have a website.

Selling Products or Services

A great way to use your website is to sell your products and services online. An online store can greatly improve your business. You can sell everything online, the rooms of your guest house, digital drawings or 3D printed objects, Memberships, event tickets, etc. It all depends on what you are selling. You don’t necessarily have to have an online shop set up on your website to sell. Potential clients can always use a request for a quote booking form on your website.

Sharing Information and connecting with people

We connect and share information on social media, but you can do the same with your website where you can create a platform for your own online community. Your community can share and discuss your products and services. An example of this is online gaming communities, support forums, etc. Let say you have a range of DIY products but people are unsure how to use your products, create a community where people can share tips and their creations with each other. This community can greatly grow your customer base. Use your customers to create content on your website, this with also greatly improve your SEO.


This is perhaps one of the most important things you can do for your visitors. Educate them on your products and services. One way is to create a FAQ page ( Frequently Asked Questions) on your site. Tell people what they need to know. If your product is more expensive than your competitor, tell them why? For example: “Why use a proper web designer?” will be one of mine. The Answer: “There are lots of free website design and free web builder options out there, but let’s be honest. You don’t know where to start. We sit with you asking you about your business to find out what is the need of your website. And we do your SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) setup for you. We find the keywords that will work for your business. Also, your website will be Professionally designed with a unique look for your business.”

Another, great way to educate your clients is with How To Videos. This is a way for us to show your customers how to use your products. No one ever reads the user manual but they will watch a video about it. We can also create a video for the FAQ page or an intro video on your home page.

Usefil tip: Videos on your website can greatly improve you SEO’s Bounce rate. Meaning People stay longer on your website if they can view a video.

Does your website have enough traffic?

We already wrote an article on website statistics and how to improve it. Please click on the link to read about it. Click Here

Is it generating leads?

Here is a couple of ways we get leads form your potential clients.

  1. Have visitors asks questions on your website about your products and services in a comment section?
  2. Let them fill in contact forms to get more information.
  3. Visitors on your site can sign up for a newsletters.
  4. New customers have to log in for special deals, (Membership type website)
  5. Have a live chat option.

These options can mean the difference in getting a sale or the client moving on the next website.


hy do we have websites? We want to improve our business by sharing information, connecting with our customers and educating them. And, as we mentioned this is our goal at RageFire Marketing to build you a website that is not just another website, but a business and marketing tool to improve and grow your business.

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